ZombiesWithGuns.io is a fun 2d shooter new iO game for all. It is an unblocked deathmatch in which you will start as a gun-wielding zombie. Every player including you will have to collect the most kills to conquer the round or become the winner. When you eat other rivals’ brains, a shield will belong to you. It allows you to block damage effectively. However, you should aim down sights carefully to boost up the accuracy. Or, the bullet speed spread is wild. Besides, you can change the tactic if necessary.

In case you are getting 60 FPS in ZombiesWithGuns.io free online, you are able to turn up the graphics settings to high. Headshots that you release will cause much more damage to the prey. It is exciting to do the bunny hop and keep jumping in ZombiesWithGuns.io to gain pace! Abilities and weapons that you are equipped will be helpful to dominate the leaderboard. Share with friends and play now! Good luck!


How to play

Use WASD to move, Shift or Right mouse to aim, Space to jump and gain speed, Left mouse to shoot

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