Zombie City Master

User: Amelinda Published: December 15, 2022 Category: Zombies

Zombie City Master is a good game unblocked to entertain alongside the current 2D io games. Play and help the girl in Zombie City Master escape from zombies!

About Zombie City Master

Zombie City Master gives you a survival challenge set in a chaotic city. Start as a girl and try your best to flee from all of the dangerous people who are zombies.

Experience your unblocked Zombie City Master game with hordes of zombies

You are one of the ultimate survivors in Zombie City Master download. Unfortunately, you find yourself alone when you wake up. And now, you are facing a lot of dangers from walking dead in the local hospital. So, you’d better seek every way to escape from those crazy doctors first.

Zombie City Master is also an adventure game online

Therefore, you can move around many different areas in Zombie City Master multiplayer game to avoid the enemy. Furthermore, you’re able to use items to create something helpful for your survival. Especially, there will be various levels waiting for you to unlock.

Are you willing to give the woman in Zombie City Master html5 a hand and finish the present adventure game online successfully? Don’t miss props and gather them! Actually, they are useful to block the undead.

How to play

Use your left mouse to interact with objects and drag them to the right position after collecting to check their ability.

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