Zombie Arena

User: Amelinda Published: November 17, 2022 Category: Action

Play Zombie Arena online and use your gun to clear all of the zombies! Show up your shooting skill in Zombie Arena for free and try your best to stay alive!

About Zombie Arena

Zombie Arena is a free online 3D action game with plenty of scary scenes. In which, you need to shoot at the walking dead and destroy them before they catch you.

Zombie Arena unblocked game promises to become an intense battle

It is a crazy action shooting game where you must control your weapon and your own abilities carefully. Then, it will help you survive hordes of zombies and escape from that arena successfully.

Join Zombie Arena and experience a thrilling zombie 3D online game alone

You are a soldier as well as a survivor in the current zombie 3D online match. In addition to that, you are equipped with a simple gun when you have started.

However, you will own more guns once you remain alive and win challenges. Next, you ought not to forget to change them and select the weapon that you like most.

Zombie Arena unblocked game will drop zombies into the playfield from every side. So, you should look around and defend your soldier from them all the time. Attempt to survive until you get helped! Good luck!

How to play

  • WASD keys to roam around the arena
  • Left-Shift to run from the zombie
  • Left Mouse to attack the undead
  • Right Mouse to aim at the zombie
  • Scroll the mouse wheel or use 1-5 to swap weapons.
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