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Vex 7 unblocked allows you to play extremely attractive online. Vex 7 offers deadly obstacles that you must overcome. This is really challenges for you.

About Vex 7

Vex 7 is truly an addictive action game. If you’ve played the previous series of the game, you probably know that it is getting better through the versions.

Vex 7 unblocked- the popular stickman game with awesome upgrades

Even though stickman games are familiar, the latest version of the game has more new options that you can explore.

Besides the new levels and types of obstacles, Vex 7 unblocked also allows you to choose skins. The daily challenge mode and bonus level mode are also the special features in this action platform game.

There are countless dangerous obstacles in Vex7 2D

As Vex 6 game, the game provides you with short level map tutorials that explain the key elements of it. It also gives you some of your stickman’s signature moves. So please refer to them to play games more efficiently.

Play Vex 7 free online, you will have to use parkour moves to jump over deadly obstacles with your stickman. Be careful to be able to pass them safely.

Pay attention to avoid spikes, shooting knives and falling blocks. If you want to shorten your travel time, use the double jump potion to get to places you couldn’t reach before. In fact, it even helps you avoid laser-enabled security cameras.

Especially in action 2D games, you can customize your character by getting a new skin. Remember that skins are locked at the start of game and you need to collect some coins to unlock them.

You need to complete daily challenges. Try to win levels with high scores. Both will make it easy for you to earn money.

Vex 7 action game becomes more complex, more interesting and addictive with vivid graphics and sound effects. So, what are you waiting for without experiencing the game today?

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move in the game.

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