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User: Amelinda Published: September 24, 2022

All users are recommended to read terms of use of krunker-io.org to understand what rules are set for them before playing Krunker.io and games like Krunker.io!

Krunker-io.org where you can experience lots of games online and play other games like Krunker.io for free. If you have the intention to become an official user of our website, you should have a look at our Terms of Use together with Privacy Policy to understand all the basic rules you can use as well as the type of information we collect from you.

Terms of Krunker-io.org are set and hosted by us to avoid violations from the fraud users. We want to give all players from around the world a healthy and friendly playing field where they can experience free games online. We don’t welcome any illegal activities here, and we will try to stop them the best we can.

Terms of Krunker-io.org

Krunker-io.org offers lots of games online and especially Krunker.io game to all users. All users consent to our terms when they come to experience our services. Therefore, you have to quickly read Krunker-io.org terms of use before you decide to play our games.


Images, texts, graphics, logos, and content are the element owned by their creators. All the published content of Krunker-io.org will be protected by international copyright laws. No users are allowed to take them without our permission.

How we communicate with you

The owner of the website and the users will use emails to send and receive feedback. If you have a support request when you use our website, please feel free to send it to us through your email and we will respond to it as soon as we can. Both sides will use emails to communicate with each other.

Privacy Policy

You have to read our Privacy Policy to understand which information of yours is collected by us. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are the two significant things set for the users before they use the website.


  • Advertisements will be put into our games. However, the content of the ads will not be managed by us, except for the general types of ads placed in games online. This will ensure all no advertisements will contain inappropriate content on krunker-io.org.
  • Users should feel free to report any inappropriate ads to us if they see in the games. Send your report to us via info@krunker-io.org

Rules for all users

  • By visiting our website, you consent to all our terms of use and accept to use our online services in the right way, which means no illegal activities are implemented on our website.
  • If there are any illegal activities here, you will completely cooperate with krunker-io.org to investigate the cases.
  • Any users with threatening languages are not welcomed here. If there are support requests using those languages, no responses from us will be given. Users with those languages will have no right to use our website.
  • All the content published on Krunker io is owned and organized by us. Users are not allowed to change, misuse, or copy any elements mentioned above. The website was created for users from around the world to use in a general way.

Your account for using our online services

  • When you create an account to use our website, you are in charge of running your private information, especially your username and password.

Internet demand

We require you to have Internet on with stable connection if you want to play Krunker.io game and other games like Krunker.io. Our games rely on internet connectivity. You have to check your internet connection before you play our games.

Data protection

We will collect, use, and protect the information that you gave us when playing our games. Make sure you read our Privacy Policy to understand more about the data we collect from the users and what we will do with that data.

License and Site Access

We still give users a limited license to access and use our website, even though we have set rules for the users and do not allow them to change or misuse the published content on the website. You can use the website in terms of permission. You are simply not allowed to download or modify content without agreement between the owner of the website and the users.

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