Tangies.io unblocked is a tough game packed with actions. There is a plague of asteroids smashing the planet and you need to be quick to run away from it, or at least avoid it. To evade this plague, you must run back and forth from the sides of the screen and attempt not to get smashed by the asteroids. Tangies.io online pits you against other players in this battle but you cannot interfere with them because they appear as ethereal ghosts to you. However, you will fight against with them in terms of resources that are limited and drop from the sky. Make sure you pick up the upgrades from above, such as energy, shields, fireball, and invisibility then use them to get an upper hand on enemies or even survive for as long as possible. Try to increase your points and fight your way up to the top place on the leaderboard to become the winner.

How to play

Move back and forth across the screen using the mouse. Click the left mouse for jumping.

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