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Be an excellent leader of a fighting unit in Taekwon.io – an exciting RPG Upgrades Power-ups game online! You are provided with a small unit that must be well trained in terms of fighting techniques, such as punching, kicking and blocking. There is an event called Underground Fighting Ring set in a huge arena, and you can take part in it only when your unit is ready. When you start the game, you should put all your efforts into upgrading your unit. If it lacks of something, give it quickly, if its abilities are still quick, train them more! As soon as you step into the ring, you must fight with solid spirits and cunningness! Try your best to defeat all opponent units as you defend yourself from being attacked by them. You must stay alive until the end of the fight to become the ultimate winning unit! In the future, the game will add more updates, like items and other techniques. Now, let’s join then enjoy it!

How to play

Use the left mouse to punch, click the right mouse to kick.

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