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Play Sumo.io game online for free for a chance of becoming a powerful sumo wrestler. You will encounter many enemies from across the world in Sumo.io unblocked. You are just a little sumo when spawning in the arena, from here, you must grow your body by eating up all the sushi power-ups that are dispersed around the map. By chomping them, you will have more strength to fight off other enemy sumo players. Also, an advantage you will have when eating sushi is that you can take over the map. When you have reached like 20% of the map, you will find it harder to cope with other enemies because it will make you move slower. Try to make smart moves so you can defeat all enemies that stand in your way before they have a chance to destroy you. The big goal for you in Sumo.io free game is to become the biggest Sumo on the leaderboard.

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move your sumo around the map.

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