Stickman Fighting: Super War

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Stickman Fighting: Super War is a great action game that you start as a warrior. Play Stickman Fighting Super War unblocked and destroy other stickmen to win!

About Stickman Fighting: Super War

Stickman Fighting: Super War takes the player to a dangerous playfield. And, the main aim of the present challenge is to become a supreme hero as soon as possible.

Stickman Fighting: Super War unblocked is a crazy ragdoll physics game to check out your own shooting skill

You are a stickman with gun. After you decide to connect to the room, you will have the chance to test your abilities and complete an important mission. Are you ready to finish your adventure? Together with the web browser, it’s available for you to enjoy on the Android platform.

Aside from fighting, it is also a good place to prove your survival ability like stickman school run. In fact, the time that you remove the opponent is the moment you can survive longer.

Therefore, you should clear the battlefield while trying to defend yourself. Otherwise, you will die if you cannot fulfill both of these objectives. Mastering your weapon is an essential task as well.

Stickman Fighting Super Waris easy to control

In addition to the notes above, you are able to quickly learn and apply how to guide your character. Here are the entire controls that you need to know.

  • Firstly, you will have to look around the map.
  • Then, you can choose the target, aim, and shoot at him. Attempt to aim at his head!
  • Or, you can drop your gun if you want.

Play Stickman Fighting Super War online you’re able to experience various weapons and unlock different levels. It’s completely simple to access other Stickman games online, too. Begin the battle and end it your way!

How to play

Left mouse to manage the stickman. Right mouse to set down your weapon.

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