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In a Stickman-style io game called StickBattle.io, you will face up to new enemies and try your best to kill them all. There are plenty of character classes you can pick before jumping into the fight, namely a fighter, warrior, marksman, acrobat, runner, and assassin. These classes have different features with styles of attacking. Feel free to select the one you like! To slay your enemies in StickBattle.io unblocked, you must spawn a lot of weapons on the map then make use of them to deal damage to them. At the same time, you will keep yourself safe from their attacks. Saving your life is more important than attacking enemies, so defend yourself no matter what it takes! Don’t forget to use your strategies or you can come up with some good plans to get an upper hand on your rivals. You have to become the last stickman standing on the ground at the end of combat to win! Much fun!

How to play

Direct the movement of your stickman around the map using WAD. Press the spacebar to jump, use Shift to run, double Shift to sprint, use LKM to punch, PKM to kick, C to use the camera, Esc to use the menu bar, and Q to use the bar emoticons.

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