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Stabfish2.io online is a survival game in the vast ocean of sharks. You need to control your shark to find food while fighting with others to survive and thrive here.

Shark arena is very active with hundreds of players online. So if you join it now, you can enjoy the most bustling survival battle. It is a place for you to test your skills and strategy in the giant ocean. Your mission is to survive as long as possible to become the strongest shark in the ocean.

The game offers many interesting modes for you to explore when you play Stabfish2.io for free. It includes physical fencing mode, team mode, crafting, treasure hunting and especially multiplayer. Each mode will have its own rules for you to explore different playstyles and many unique rewards to unlock.

If you enter the multiplayer battlefield, the challenge for you is survival. You need to control your shark wisely to escape the attacks of other sharks. At the same time, you can use your sword to finish the players, to end them and take the sweet loot.

Besides, this game also has an Armageddon mode that takes place every hour. It was a battlefield for certain players to join and didn’t have any new players. Here, certain players will have to compete with each other to be the last survivor.

The gameplay of Stabfish2.io unblocked is quite simple but challenging and competitive. You will have to think many strategies and practice your sword fighting skills to become a real killer shark. Conquer other sharks and eat fish slices from them, it helps you to grow faster in this battle royale io game.

How to play

Control the shark with the mouse, right click to release skills

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