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SpaceGuard.io unblocked – an epic first-person shooter game free in your browser! You will be ready for crazy battles with sci-fi theme and this is a chance for you to compete against lots of players from around the world. There are some cool features making SpaceGuard.io online a good game to conquer, such as portals and jump platforms. You need to discover areas on the map as you attempt to shoot down all players standing in your way before they attack you with their shots. You can even crouch and hide from tough players if you cannot cope with them. Feel free to change weapons when you feel a need and try to reload the guns in time so you can dish out damage to enemies. Do whatever it takes to survive the challenges as well as remain alive until you are the top player on the leaderboard. SpaceGuard.io free promises to become one of the best shooter io games to conquer.

How to play

Perform the movement of your character using arrow keys or WASD. Use the left mouse to fire, the right mouse to aim, C to crouch, R to reload, spacebar to jump, the left Shift to run, number keys 1-5 to change weapons, press Tab or P to toggle the menu in the game.

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