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Say hi to a tough snow fight called and play it online for free in your browser! You will compete against many rivals from many other countries and you must show them who will become the real boss here. To wipe them out, you must collect snow into a ball then quickly launch it at them. You’d better aim at them carefully then launch your deadly shots to eliminate them before they attack you back when their chances come. Watch out for your surroundings all the time and elude getting hit by the enemy snowballs, otherwise, your game will be over, and you have to begin everything again from scratch. In addition, make sure that you won’t get knocked off of the platform by someone else. This will also make you meet your doom, so be careful always. Never stop moving around the map as well as killing your opponents. You must become the snowball champion! Good luck to you!

How to play

Use the left mouse for the movement, create a snowball and shoot.

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