SmashArena unblocked brings you a tough battle in which you will try to finish off all evil players using your fighting skills. As soon as you enter the arena, try to gather a lot of items on the ground and arm yourself with them before engaging in any clashes. You will use those collected items to deal damage to your opponents. For every kill you complete, a certain number of points will be rewarded to you. This means if you accumulate more kills, you will earn more points, which powers up yourself through over time. You can deal damage to others but make sure they will not attack you back, or else you will get killed. SmashArena online is the same as other io games when it also features a leaderboard that shows the ranks of players. You aim to reach the top rank and rule the entire arena. How long will you get to the top? Try it now!

How to play

Move your character using the mouse. Left click to fire, right click to use an item and use key R to reload.

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