User: Amelinda Published: November 9, 2022 Category: Battle Royale lets you fight against enemies in an arena. In, you have to collect equipment then make use of them to deal damage to other players.


In a battle royale game called, you have to fight off all enemies using your collected equipment and survive their attacks to become the winner. unblocked is a nice io game with 2D graphics and a battle royale concept. You are free to show off your surviving skills through an epic quest. As a warrior, you must kill all enemies using the weapons you collected on the ground. Besides weapons, you must pick up ammo, armor, and especially chicken drumsticks. By gathering them, you can keep your health up, which allows you to continue the fight. You must try to defeat other players before they have a chance to slay you. Watch out for your surroundings and develop your smart strategies then use them to outplay others. The main goal for you in free online is to become the last man standing. Have your surviving skills ready for this epic quest! Enjoy it!

How to play

Use WASD to move your character. Click the left mouse button to shoot enemies, and collect items using F.

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