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Reyd.io unblocked pits you against many vicious monsters and enemies coming from around the world. This battle is not an easy one to conquer, but it’s actually very fun to play. Simply join Reyd.io online game in your browser on PC and show off your excellent abilities now. You have to work as a team with other members in order to vanquish all monsters that stand in your way. Also, you should be careful with other tough rivals in the opposing team as well. They will not be hesitant to eliminate you out of the game area, so try to defend yourself from them. When you step further deeper into the tower, more monsters will appear and get in your way. They are way tougher to destroy. You must level up yourself as well as improve your equipment so you can take on them without too much difficulty. The further your progress, the higher the chance you can win the battle.

How to play

Move your character by pressing WASD. Use arrow keys or the left mouse to shoot monsters, pick a skill by using keys Q/E or keys 1-4.

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