Rainbow Rocket Ninja

User: Amelinda Published: February 1, 2023 Category: Ninja Games

Rainbow Rocket Ninja is a free-to-play unblocked adventure online game. Control a Rainbow Rocket Ninja and draw the safest paths for him so he can kill enemies.

About Rainbow Rocket Ninja

Rainbow Rocket Ninja is a brand new ninja html5 game. It has many levels and you can unlock all of them if your character destroys every opponent and loots coins.

In which, you will click on the knife. Then, drag your mouse to the monster’s position. After that, you can release your button and the protagonist will fly to that spot right away.

Rainbow Rocket Ninja game will supply plenty of weapons to select from and experience. Meanwhile, you must unlock stages before you can test those tools. So, let’s embark on the current match and challenge obstacles right now!

How to play

Left-click on the character and drag the mouse to aim Release that button to attack.

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