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RaftRoyale.io is one of the most challenging io games with crazy challenges to conquer. If you are so into shooting io games, you must check this title out right now. In RaftRoyale.io free online, you will begin making a raft for yourself first then get ready to use it to destroy other rafts of enemies before they dish out damage to you. Be on the lookout for your surroundings during the fight, especially the sea monsters, like octopuses. You have to not only be careful with enemies but also those monsters. If you have no plans to cope with them, you may get attacked easily, causing your adventure to be over. Like other battle royale io games unblocked, in this one, your big goal is to become the last player alive at the end of the battle to become the winner. Prepare your skills, smart strategies, and a strong will for RaftRoyale unblocked now!

How to play

Move your raft around the arena and interact with objects using the mouse.

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