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User: Amelinda Published: September 24, 2022

Privacy Policy of lets you know the types of information collected by the website. This also helps you learn how to protect your interests.

Privacy Policy of aims to help you know about the policy defending your interests. It is important to learn it to keep your experience safe.

Every website needs to stick to its privacy policy to create a safe and good community for users in the world. Therefore, we also apply this to our website – We recommend our users learn the content of this section so they can have a better grasp of our website. functions with its own privacy policy

We created this privacy policy and we managed it on this website – Therefore, when you become a user of the website, you are recommended to read the privacy policy carefully before exploring the website.

The privacy policy will let you know the types of information that we collect. So, you can know which information of yours is collected by us.

You may know that our website serves game and other iO games for worldwide users. We introduce those games to users and we provide them with game descriptions as well as other content. Make sure you have a look at Privacy Policy of our website before you become a user of the website.

Important information in the Privacy Policy of

In this section, you will understand the types of information we collect, the reason why we do that, the types of information we don’t collect, and others.

Type of information in Privacy Policy that we collect

When you use our website to play games or read reviews of gameplay mechanics, you give us your basic information. This type of information contains your preferences as well as others in relation to your play.

We also collect other information of yours such as Avatar, Profile Picture, Username, Email Address, Name, and Password. They are the information you use for creating the game account.

For advertising purposes, we gather some of your data that relates to the games you have played. Besides, it also contains other data about your country, your IP Address, Time Zone, Local Settings, Network, and Browser.

We analyze your experience on the website using your device ID, user ID as well as other information about the games you played. If you click and view an ad, we also collect this information from you.

We let some of the third parties be on our website. Therefore, they will collect your data such as your Facebook name, profile picture, Facebook ID, etc.

Why collects your information?

We need to collect some of your information due to some reasons. For instance, we can know how to upgrade our service based on your information. You can send us your questions and feedback via our email which is

When you provide us with your data, we can find more new users and then put ads on the website to maintain it. Besides, your data also helps us find out and stop the wrong behaviors of some users.

Types of information that we don’t collect in our Privacy Policy

We don’t recommend our website to users under the age of 13. Therefore, we do not gather information about them. Children under 13 should not visit this website to play games because not all games are suitable for their age.

Our Privacy Policy lets you access and manage your information

As a user of, you can access and manage your information. You can do anything you want to your account like change information or even delete it. For more questions about this, you can email us at

About Cookies

Cookies is a tool that we use for collecting your information. It is known as a string of information installed on a website. When a user visits a website, the cookies will appear telling them that it is collecting their data on the website.

It also tells you that it collects your data on the browser when you get back to the site. Cookies appears on most websites because it helps the websites function better. The development teams also learn how the websites run and the people who are using them through Cookies.

The security of our Privacy Policy

We don’t want users to do something wrong to our website using their private information. Therefore, we add security to our website to make it secure. For instance, we utilize passwords to secure the database. Our staff will use the passwords to log into the system.

If any users find out a violation in our Privacy Policy on, you can inform us by sending us your email. We will support you and try to fix it to bring you a good experience.

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