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Pongoal soccer is a fascinating html5 game free online unblocked. Explore a top-down football match in Pongoal and conquer the championship with 10 goals first!

About Pongoal

Pongoal HD is a fun and enchanting sports game for all ages. It has one match only. However, it promises to be an exciting experience for you to relax for hours.

Pongoal game looks like a game of soccer and a ping pong

In Pongoal html5 game, you will control a red soft block. And, you will have to compete with a strong opponent. The main aim is to collect 10 scores before your rival does the same thing. So, it’s essential for you to be the winner.

Start to enjoy Pongoal HD as a goalkeeper

Therefore, it’s important for you to defend your goal always in Pongoal game by moving your red platform up and down properly. Moving like that is helpful to stop the competitor from shooting the ball into that spot.

Aside from attacking, defending is also a key to helping you complete the match with the highest score. Are you ready to take part in the first competition and finish it successfully?

Once you play Pongoal free online, you should try to move the pad carefully and skillfully. Let’s adjust the difficulty level and speed now!

How to play

Move Up and Down arrow keys to control your pad

Hit Backspace to go back to the menu

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