Ninja Hands

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Ninja Hands free online is a game inspired by ninja characters. As a talented ninja, you need to combine combos in a reasonable way to destroy all bad enemies.

About Ninja Hands

The mission of the ninja in Ninja Hands 3D is to fight against enemies with increased strength. There are many ways to combine skills, play the game to fully explore.

Join Ninja Hands to become a ninja to eliminate tyranny

If you have a passion for being a defender of justice, then Ninja Hands unblocked will be a great choice. So, don’t miss this game to become a ninja and fight against the bad guys.

The main features of Ninja Hands unblocked

Here are some key features of this game, so please refer to it for better understanding:

  • Use hand combos from the ninja guy to fight enemies
  • Upgrade and unlock new combos for the ninja guy
  • Choose a random reward after each level
  • Customize the ninja guy’s skin through the bounty

Become a ninja with the ability to use magic

The job of the ninja in the game will be similar to reality, which is to destroy bad enemies in each level. Your task is to use different key combinations to create combo sequences towards the enemy. So, try changing key combinations continuously to create the most powerful combos.

Many combos to use

You can create combos with different powers in this ninja game. Including fireball shooting, throwing shurikens, using samurai swords and many more combos await.

Unlock temporary buffs

Temporary buffs will appear at the beginning of each round, you will choose one of two buffs with the same strength. So, they will help your ninja fight bad enemies, thereby freeing up hands in upcoming battles.

Play Ninja Hands online, you can also make ninja combos stronger through upgrades. The skills after upgrading will have a higher image and damage than usual. If you want, you can also enjoy Hide N Seek at our site to feel the change.

How to play

Use magic by combining WASD keys. The T and Y buttons will help you create a special spell. Hold the left mouse button to adjust the attack direction.

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