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MONWAR.IO is an online tower defense game. Take the role of a commander and manage a small troop. It is about an epic battle between your party and multiple enemies. Fight against each other on the same battlefield and destroy as many rivals as possible. You should learn how to summon heroes with monsters. You need to accumulate more soldiers who are collected by killing bandits in various locations of MONWAR.IO or by gathering resources. From basic materials to advanced items, you are able to build up a strong army and progress quickly.

Once you participate in MONWAR.IO game, you do not forget to mine trees, rocks or potential areas to get wood, stone, and gold. Besides, you can earn them from setting up villages and farms. Remember to put up a pig house in order to improve production! Are you ready to discover the first level? Try to work hard and defend every achievement until you win the top spot! Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to wander around the map, LMB to attack, 1-9 to control the army.

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