Monsters VS Humans !

Monsters and humans always hate each other and never stop killing each other. In Monsters VS Humans unblocked io game, you will pick a side that you want to be on then jump into action. If you belong to the monster team, you have to go hunt down all humans, kill them all and make them unable to attack you with their deadly weapons. But if you are on the team human, you need to be careful when dealing with those zombies. In case you are unable to fight them off, just quickly avoid them before they can find you. During the course of the fight, you should stick to your teammates and work with them all the time to surpass all the attacks of the rival team. If you manage to survive until the end of the match, you will earn a certain amount of bonus. Let’s play Monsters VS Humans online now!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, click the mouse to turn, press key B to purchase weapons, key G to drop weapons and key E to collect items.

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