Mini Sticky

User: Amelinda Published: December 3, 2022 Category: Classic

Mini Sticky is a free unblocked arcade game set in a strange world. Help your new friend in Mini Sticky overcome all the traps so he can gather and eat candies!

About Mini Sticky

Play Mini Sticky free online and you participate in a fascinating adventure as a slime creature. To collect candies, you must master how to jump and beat obstacles.

Mini Sticky is about a challenging adventure set on a platform world

In the html5 2D game that you choose, you will take control of a slime block that has two eyes. And, he can jump or jump higher when facing difficult positions. Further, dangers will soon appear since the third stage.

So, you need to learn and manage your jumping skills with other abilities smartly. In fact, they allow you to go through every level excellently. Are you ready to embark on your first stage?

Mini Sticky game unblocked will bring more difficulties

Aside from hot holes or walls in Mini Sticky pixel game online, you must use your jumping ability carefully or you can’t escape from traps quickly. Especially, it’s harder to take candies when you level up.

Mini Sticky jumper is a game in which jumping is the most important activity. Always stay away from dangerous objects for survival!

How to play

Hit WASD keys or arrows to go and jump

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