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Minesweeper.io is a hard classic strategy game. Take part in the version unblocked of Minesweeper and compete with multiple online rivals from around the world. The main aim is to occupy the most tiles. It is necessary for you to clear as many mines as possible while playing against other people at the same time.
To complete the mission and conquer the top spot in Minesweeper.io free, you’d better eliminate dangerous items wisely. If you do not hit any bombs and stay alive, your points will be increased. You will achieve much more when you are successful in making longer streaks without touching anything deadly. The numbers on tiles in Minesweeper.io will show you the number of TNT adjacent to it, comprising include above, below, right, left, and diagonals. When you know there is a hidden explosive, remember to drop a flag on that spot. Otherwise, you will explode and lose. Good luck!

How to play

Use LMB to claim the safe tile, RMB to drop a flag, click and hold to place the flag

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