is an exciting new iO game inspired by the Diablo series. It is started at a castle where you will play like a hero. The spawning location is safe to hang out with your buddies, restore your health and buy or sell. Meanwhile, you will be able to discover dark dungeons in unblocked and open up floors after searching for the doors. Remember to destroy monsters nearby or you will be killed! They will give you higher experience points. Furthermore, you can see lots of chests on the path. Unlock them to loot rare or magical items!

There are many different types of weapon that you will use within free online. They will influence your primary damage attribute. They include melee gears (strength), bows and crossbows (agility), with staffs (intelligence). So, you are highly recommended to look for and gather the best equipment or upgrades to remove all of the booses faster. Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to move or attack, right mouse to choose potions or switch weapons or trade

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