In a super fantastic strategy game called Lordz2.io unblocked, you will have a chance to experience all the surroundings set in the Middle Ages while putting your effort into killing enemies around you. As a lord, you will have to carry out a lot of quests and do various things to help expand your territory. You must create a big castle with some crucial buildings to support your army. When you want to vanquish other players, make sure you summon plenty of units and take control of them carefully so they can help you in your conquest. Each soldier should be used wisely for a better chance of winning. In addition, your strategy will play a very significant role during the course of the fight. You should use it and develop it through over time to outplay all of your opponents. Do you think you will become the perfect lord in Lordz2.io free online? Play it now!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move your lord, spacebar for dashing, left click for attacking, key E or right click to trigger the special power, key B to build stuff, key U to purchase a soldier, key F to arrange the army formation, key Y for upgrading soldier, spacebar to divide an army, key C to change the formation, key M to toggle the minimap, key L to toggle the leaderboard, key Enter to chat, and go into the pause menu using key Esc.

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