Swim your way through a huge arena in and try your best to become the best laser snake! In this Free-For-All Slither Style IO game, everybody starts as a small laser snake, and through over time eating foods as well as killing each other, they will become much stronger. You should focus on eating foods when you spawn in the arena. Then, you use your schemes or tricks to kill other enemy snakes by making them hit the border, themselves or even your body. Once they die, they will drop a lot of foods, pick them up to grow your size even more. You can accelerate your snake to bypass dangers or catch your enemies, but whenever you boost it, some of your food and mass will be lost, therefore, you have to use this feature wisely. In, the main objective is to become the largest snake taking over the leaderboard! Are you ready? Give it a try!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to turn, and press the spacebar to speed up.

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