Now you can play unblocked in your browser for free to challenge new competitors around the world. online is another battle royale io game pitting players against each other on the same map. You will spawn in a lobby first then move to that map to start combat. While on the map, start to scavenge for weapons, materials, supplies, and other handy equipment. You can find them by unlocking chests or loot from other players. The next thing you do is to create a base using your collected materials then get ready to fight against other enemies. You can build the base to protect yourself from the enemy shots. When you engage in the fight, you must kill them quickly before they attack you. Watch out for your surroundings and avoid the zone that keeps making the map smaller, otherwise, you will take damage. There is only one player that can win, so you must try your best to kill other players and survive until the end.

How to play

Interact with items, chests, and cars using E/F. Shoot enemies using the left mouse, toggle build mode to build walls using Q, use the spacebar to jump, use Shift to sprint, use R to reload weapons, use M to open the map, use the mouse wheel scroll or keys 1-6 to change guns. To drop and move the inventory, you can click and move it where you want.

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