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About Inky

Inky online is a tough Slither Style io game opening up a new battle for the snakes controlled by real human players. Similar to other snake io games unblocked, you become a snake but with ink in this title and the mission for you here is to kill all enemy snakes by having them run into your tail. To do this, you must get your size bigger by eating some colored dots dispersed around the map. As you grow, you can use your long body to trick other enemies and force them to run into you, killing them immediately. While fighting with enemies, make sure you protect yourself from their attacks too. Do not run into any snakes, otherwise, you will meet your end, causing the game to be over. You have to play with smart strategies in Inky game to become the winner! Are you ready? Let’s kick off the game now! Much fun!

How to play

Direct the movement of your snake using the mouse. Left click to speed it up.

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