Humans & Robbers

Humans & Robbers puts you in the shoes of a gormless human who must fight for his victory. This will be a tough and challenging 2D Shooter game that keeps you engaged for sure. You are just a common human who is enjoying his day as always. But then, there are many robbers breaking into your house. They have broken down doors, smashed through the windows just to steal your items and the big purpose of them is to kill you if you let them. Now, you must stand up finding a lot of ways to get through this crazy night. You have to barricade yourself then fight back, go search for more weapons, use them to shoot at all rivals, smash them right in their faces and give them no chances to defeat you. Don’t forget to develop your own smart strategies so you can outplay the robbers. The main objective of this free for all game is to survive until the end.

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move your character. Shoot with the left mouse, drop items using key G, pick up an item using key E, buy items using key B and level up using key N.

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