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About HiveSweeper

If you were a bee, would you work hard for your bee kingdom? Play HiveSweeper unblocked game online to experience it now then see if you can build the biggest territory in the hive! HiveSweeper new io game is pretty cool to play and master. You are a bee moving around a huge map trying to take over many lands. When you come across enemies, quickly kill them all using your skills, traps, strategies, and tricks. They must be destroyed before they have a chance to eliminate you. Besides fighting against enemies, make sure you pay attention to your territory too. Try not to let anyone destroy it! At the same time, you have to keep it growing until it becomes the biggest one on the server, which turns you into the strongest bee! Be ready for HiveSweeper free online and try your hardest defeat all opponent bees! Have a blast with it!

How to play

Left click to capture arenas and right click to claim the trap tiles.

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