Jump into another tough battle royale style io game called HemetRoyale.io! Prepare your skills with smart strategies in advance for an epic battle against worldwide rivals in HelmetRoyale.io online. It’s a fun fighting game combined with helmet concept character. You must do whatever it takes to survive in a dangerous arena full of enemies. There are plenty of weapons and items you can use for your survival. Make your way through the arena finding lots of shiny boxes then destroy them to get more items for yourself. When you equip yourself with new items, you will find it easier to deal damage to the opponents. When you kill them, they will drop all the loot they have, then you can pick them up to become stronger. Remember to use medkit, shield cell, or even batter if your health and shields are running out. Do you have what it takes to survive as well as become the top survivor in HelmetRoyale.io free game? Play it now! Have fun!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, aim and shoot with the mouse, use the spacebar or Shift to dodge enemies, press F to interact with items, press M/V/G to open the map.

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