GunFu unblocked is a first-class shooter io game online you can play in browsers for free now. The main goal of the game is to become the best shooter among all players. To that end, you must carefully finish all enemies around you while protecting yourself from their attacks. You start with some basic weapons, but as you progress, you can improve and unblock new advanced weapons for more strength. As you collect kills, your scores will be increased. Once you have increased your progress, you can equip yourself with better skills and weapons. Try not to get defeated by enemies because every time you do, you will be re-spawned to level 0. If you survive and get enough kills, you can progress to the next level for more challenges. GunFu online will be a good game for you to master your skills. Are you ready for it? Jump into the arena and conquer it now!

How to play

 Use the mouse for the movement click the left mouse to shoot, the right mouse to dash. Choose and browse through weapons at every level using the mouse.

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