Ghost Walker

User: Amelinda Published: December 7, 2022 Category: Asteroids

Ghost Walker is one of the best html5 games unblocked to relax. Control a hero and move him in Ghost Walker skillfully so he can destroy every enemy quickly!

About Ghost Walker

Play Ghost Walker Jump html5 game and use your jumping ability to go or approach the foes’ spots! Don’t forget to search for the bosses and get rid of all of them soon!

Ghost Walker game online comprises many weapons and heroes

So, they are only open once you complete certain missions in Ghost Walker unblocked. Now, you start as a ninja and you should control your possibilities to finish your tasks as fast as possible.

There are various floors to discover. And, you need to aim before launching your body into mid-air. In fact, aiming is helpful for you to reach the place you want in a short time. Besides, it’s useful to unlock weapons with heroes sooner.

Ghost Walker is a Jump game with tons of dangers

You are actually facing a lot of enemies and they belong to an evil team. Thus, to be the winner or save the city, it’s necessary to clear these people. With weapons that you unlock, you can make those guys disappear from the building easily.

Ghost Walker game online is great to join and experience its characters and weapons. Can you turn into a legendary hero? Good luck!

How to play

Keep and drag Left Mouse to aim Release the mouse button to launch the hero.

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