Auto Draw is a fascinating drawing and guessing free io game. This game is a wonderful choice for those who love to doodle stuff and guess words based on it. Like other previous io games such as, in free unblocked, you have to take your turns wisely to create a drawing in relation to a specific word. Then, the other players have to guess this word correctly. The one that guesses correctly will earn points. Conversely, if someone is doodling, you should think and then type your correct answer into the chatbox as fast as possible for a high score. At the end of the game, whoever got the best score will become the ultimate winner. online proudly examines your drawing skills and your ability to guess words. You will earn yourself a huge amount of fun when playing with many friends from around the world.


How to play

Use the left mouse to pick a color, drag it to draw, and type your answers using the keyboard.

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