Galaxystrife is a Free For All shooting game set in space. It is about an online multiplayer match. So, you should destroy as many rivals as possible if you’d like to become the top player. Take control of a ship and fly around the battlefield to search for enemies. Moving constantly in the mid-air is also useful to avoid hits and make the other people hard to kill you. However, you do not forget to aim and fire projectiles at the prey accurately. Besides, Galaxystrife will offer tons of power-ups scattered across the map. Each time you pick them up, they will help you grow stronger. Aside from weapons such as machine gun or grenades, there are a lot of special abilities which can be activated to improve your stats. Additionally, gather energy orbs from fallen antagonists. Are you willing to participate in combat and take over the leaderboard? Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, Left mouse to fire, Right mouse to deploy a special ability

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