FNF Vs. Bob

User: Amelinda Published: September 30, 2022 Category: HTML5 Games

About FNF Vs. Bob

FNF Vs. Bob full week is available here for you to experience the new feeling. This time, you will compete with Bob and spend two challenging weeks with 6 new songs.

This mod is really different from the rest when it comes to horror instead of fun like the nature of the FNF game. But it will delight you with new character looks, new songs, and unique cutscenes. Moreover, it has many levels for you to choose and enjoy the tunes at different speeds.

In FNF Vs. Bob 2.0, you will be the BF and have to compete with Bob, a mysterious hand-drawn creature. The two will spend the first week with many challenges in three songs, including Terrifying Run, Withered and Sunshine. In the second week, the songs will include Trouble Song, Onslaught Bob and Ron Song with 3 levels.

Besides, for players with the best FNF skills, the game has an extra long song “Little Man Song” in the freeplay mod. All songs are great with suspenseful tunes that you can’t ignore. Besides, many cut scenes on 2D background are also quite vivid, helping you discover the story between BF and Bob.

The gameplay is no different, it’s still the classic rhythm playing with the arrow keys. You need to click the right arrow at the right time to complete the rhythmic arrows. But as the speed increases, you need to see better and act faster while keeping the accuracy so as not to miss the victory.

So, does FNF Vs. Bob mod make success with differences? You should experience it for yourself and come up with an answer to this question. Besides, you can follow its creators to know more. They are Wildy (coder and animation creator), donney (artist) and more.

How to play

Complete rhythm tracks by clicking the arrows on the keyboard at the right time.

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