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Fishz.io unblocked is a multiplayer fish-themed io game where you have to fight for a chance of becoming the biggest fish in the sea. Are you ready to begin this adventure then see if you can defeat all enemies? Fishz.io online looks like another clone of Agar.io, only a different thing is that now you are a fish, not a cell. You still have to make your way through the map eating lots of smaller fishes and other creatures around you to gain size and mass. If you keep eating them, you will become bigger, then you will find it easier to tackle enemies. Once you have succeeded in eating your enemies, you need to absorb their powers. Make sure you avoid getting eaten by a fish that is bigger than you, otherwise, the game will be over. Do your best to survive as long as possible until you take over the top place on the leaderboard to become the winner. Play Fishz.io online with worldwide friends now!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement and click the mouse to speed up your fish.

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