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Doodling is a good way to grow your creativity. In Doodlr.io unblocked, you don’t only show off your imagination but you can also expand your collection of English vocabulary. Doodlr.io is one of the best drawing and guessing io games you should check out now. It pits you against new online friends around the world through challenging rounds. Everybody can be an artist and guesser in the game. When you are the person that draws stuff, you will receive a secret word and you must draw it to help other friends guess what it is. Similarly, when someone is drawing, your mission is to guess the right word as fast as possible to earn yourself a high score. Doodlr.io game requires all players to have a full attention for a chance of winning. You will definitely learn more English words from the game as well as hone your drawing skills. Much fun with it!


How to play

Use the left mouse to draw stuff and use the keyboard to type and send your guesses.

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