Crowd Lumberjack Stickman

User: Amelinda Published: December 14, 2022 Category: Power-ups

Crowd Lumberjack Stickman is an online casual game unblocked where you build a great city and set up a powerful team. Start as a Crowd Lumberjack Stickman now!

About Crowd Lumberjack Stickman

Crowd Lumberjack Stickman is a free 3D game online with a distant island. Discover the place and work strategically to complete every task in a short time!

Travel around Crowd Lumberjack Stickman game unblocked with a basic tool

Above all, you are a lumberjack in your 3D Lumberjacks Stickman game. Additionally, you are going to explore the new world with an ax. Next, you can use that tool to cut trees and collect wood. Then, you will be able to build a house or more on the island.

Crowd Lumberjack Stickman gameplay online will give you different tasks

Especially, the player will take part in a chaotic stickman battle aside from building a settlement. Therefore, you should get ready to make use of your weapons and skills. So, you can win against your rivals.

Besides, you should remember that you can begin the game solo or embark on leveling up to create a team of lumberjacks. More importantly, you need to turn into the strongest mob of those people.

Let’s conquer the Crowd Lumberjack Stickman gameplay online with the best lumberjacks as fast as you can! Good luck!

How to play

  • Choose WASD keys or Arrow keys to roam around the island.
  • Use Left Mouse if you want to interact with something in-game.
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