If you want to master another cool multiplayer io game, then you shouldn’t ignore one called Crazy unblocked which will test your jumping skill. You will enter a huge map where you must battle against enemies in a jumping competition. Your mission here is to knock all enemies out of the game arena by stomping on them as fast as possible before they do the same to you. When you knock them, your size will be increased. Therefore, it’s very important if you keep stomping on other players to grow in size, which strengthens yourself even more. Remember that if you let someone stomp on you, the game will be over instantly. Playing Crazy game requires you to have a super fast jumping ability if you want to win. The game features a wide range of characters with different styles and looks. You can try them and pick the ones you like! Much fun with it!

How to play

Move your character using the mouse and click the left mouse or press the spacebar to jump on enemies.

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