Are you ready to be a cool snake in a Slither Style io game called Cool Your new adventure is on, so come to join it now to experience new challenges. Cool free online is taken in a 3D snowy world. Everybody is dressed as a small snake when they first spawn in the world. Like the original game, you also have to build a big size through over time in this title by eating a lot of glowing pellets scattered around the map. As you hunt for food, make sure you watch out for areas around you. Enemy snakes are everywhere! You should use your long body to wipe them out or use the speed boost to kill them before you meet your end. Eat their drops to make your size bigger, which gives you a chance to become the strongest reptile in the arena. Once playing Cool game, you will become a fan of it for sure! Enjoy the game right now!

How to play

Move your snake around the map using the mouse and click the left mouse to speed it up.

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