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User: Amelinda Published: September 24, 2022

Contact Us of is the section where you learn how to send your feedback and thoughts to the administrators. You have two ways to contact them.

Contact Us of gives you information on how to contact the development team of the website. You will know how to reach us and send your feedback to us.

As you know, is home to as well as other iO games. Hence, when you come here, you will meet a lot of users in the world when you play games with them. Each user has their own experience. Hence, we would love to hear about your experience.

If you want to let us know your thoughts, you can come to this Contact Us section. In this section, we provide you with some good ways to reach us.

How to contact us on

We provide you with two ways to contact us. For instance:

Contact us through email

You can send us your feedback and thoughts on the website as well as the games you played via email. Our email is When you send us your email, we will try to reach out and reply to your email as soon as possible.

Contact us through the comment section

We produce a lot of content posts on our website – In each post, there is a comment section below. Hence, you can type your thoughts, your feedback, as well as your opinions toward anything in the game.

By sending your comments, other users can also see them. This is a good way for you to connect with them. When we receive your comments, we will answer and share our thoughts on them.

Contact Us of aims to help you share your thoughts, feedback, and opinions about our website and games. We appreciate your feedback and your thoughts because they will help us improve the website. This also brings a better community to all users in the world.

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