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About is one of the Minecraft-inspired games online with fascinating challenges. Like other predecessors that have the Minecraft style too, in free, you have to make your way through a massive map using your pickaxe and sword in order to accumulate a huge number of resources. All of them will be used for your survival, so it’s very important to collect them. After gathering resources, now it’s time for you to create structures by placing blocks down on the ground. Be careful when you place them, and feel free to show your imagination via those buildings. Gradually, you will complete a huge kingdom of your own. When you opt to engage in a battle against others, ensure that you will wipe them out before they smash your territory. Defending yourself is also a must! You need to stay alive until you are the last player standing! Enjoy the fight and good luck to you!

How to play

Make your way through the map using WASD, use the left mouse to assault enemies, collect items and place a block. Use the number keys to change an item, press key Shift to sneak and key E to open the crafting or the shop menu.

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