Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars unblocked is a free io game for all to master. If you want to drive and test your fighting skill, you must play Bumper Cars free game online right now. You take on the role of an alien trying to fight for the ultimate survival in a dangerous arena full of bloodthirsty aliens. You must think fast and move cleverly to dodge them all as well as stop them from killing you. Do your best to outplay them, smash into them and quickly run them off the edge of the arena before they harm you in the same way. Every time you kill one, the toughness of the battle grows bigger, which means you must get your size larger for having enough strength to fight off the rest of other enemies. Only a skilled player can surpass everything and become the leader on the leaderboard. Can you be the one like that? Can you kill all aliens in Bumper Cars online? Play it now and wish you luck!

How to play

Direct the movement of your Bumper Car using WASD or arrow keys. Use the spacebar to get power but limited boost.

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