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BomberIO.online is a free bombing game in browsers. Have your fingers ready to bomb all of your enemies away from the arena. Like other classic Bomberman-style io games, in this title, you also become a cunning Bomberman who is willing to bomb his opponents and eliminate them out of the map. You start prowling around the arena carefully and planting bombs near the rivals. Or, if you have some tricks, you can even trap the enemies with your bombs. Whatever you do, make sure all of them will be blown up. At the same time, you must keep yourself safe from the enemy bombs because they will have chances to kill you. It’s good to stay away from their bombs or even your own bombs. Getting exploded will be a game over for you. Do your best to survive and bomb your way to the top of the leaderboard. Have fun with BomberIO.online unblocked!

How to play

Arrow keys are used for the movement. Use Quotes key for opening the scoreboard, and press Esc to select the room menu.

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