Bejeweled HD

User: Amelinda Published: May 16, 2022 Category: HTML5 Games

About Bejeweled HD

You can play Bejeweled HD free online now and explore classic match-3 puzzle levels. Just touch the screen to match different items and enjoy the beautiful explosions.

This game will bring you back to your childhood memories when the match-3 genre was popular. It is not much different from the classic gameplay but some interesting new points will keep you inspired to play for hours. You can exhaust them now on color puzzle boards in dozens of levels from easy to difficult.

Your task is to match at least three stones of the same color so that they explode and score points. Each explosion gives you a certain number of points, and the higher the score the more stones you have. So, instead of matching 3 items, think about matching bigger bombs, like 4 or 5 stones.

When you match a combo of more than 3 items, you will receive special stones. They can help destroy the puzzle board faster in a variety of ways. The best stone is the result of a combo of 6 stones. It helps you destroy all the stones of a certain color to open up many new directions.

If you need help in this jewel puzzle game, simply click “Hint”. It will show you where the stones can make the combos. These hints will be quite useful when you are out of ideas. But do not use them to fully enjoy the feeling of conquering the puzzle board with your own intellect.

So, is Bejeweled HD unblocked online your favorite game? You can see your achievement after each level and try to upgrade it. Just click and drag the stones to match and create beautiful explosive combos, why not give it a try?

How to play

Left click to select the stone and match it according to the traditional match-3 principle

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