Asteroid Anarchy

Play another fun battle royale multiplayer game called Asteroid Anarchy to present your skills! There are multiple opponents waiting for you in an asteroid field. You must be well prepared before entering the field to fight against them. The big goal for you in Asteroid Anarchy unblocked is to accumulate crystals and ore, keep the ship upgraded, kill all the bots as well as slay all human players. As you make your way through the field with your ship, try to mine asteroids or rack up kills for more crystals. With every 10 crystals that you gather, your ship will get an upgrade, making it stronger than ever. Let’s see if you can collect all 1000 crystals in the game! For the ore, you can mine the middle of the planet or kill the bots with other players. The ore will be used to repair your ship after it takes damage. You will need at least 5 ore for it to be repaired automatically. Don’t forget to use the crystals to expand the size of your cargo so it can carry more ore. Try to play Asteroid Anarchy free online with smart strategies to become the winner!

How to play

To rotate left/right and thrust through the field, use WASD or arrow keys. Press F or the spacebar to shoot. Use “?” to show frames per second and ping. You will touch the screen for the movement and interaction in the game if you play the game on a mobile device, while shooting is automatic.

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