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User: Amelinda Published: September 24, 2022

About us of Krunker-io.org gives you a good grasp of the purpose of the website. You will know what the website brings you and the role of the team.

About us of Krunker-io.org is a crucial part in which you will have important information about the website. This section tells you about the main role of the website.

What is Krunker-io.org about?

Krunker-io.org is the name of the website made for the famous iO game called Krunker.io. This is a site in which players from around the world can join to play this game together for fun and great experiences. Not only will they have fun but also a great time.

The website is mainly about introducing games to worldwide players. We provide you with game sources as well as gameplay mechanics, together with some instructions, tips, and tricks to play. Therefore, our website will be a wonderful place for you to get everything you need.

Everything we make for the website is free. This also means that we just aim to give a fun space to everyone who loves Krunker.io and other iO games. You can see that everything is free to access here even though there are some advertisements appearing on the website.

Other important information about Krunker-io.org that you need to know

The main role of content creation on Krunker-io.org

Our website is free for all of you to play and enjoy games. Therefore, you are always welcome anytime you want to play games. However, we want to let you know that you cannot take away from our creative assets.

The creative assets that we make for this website belong to our team. These assets include game descriptions, texts, graphics, images, and logos. We operate under the protection of international law. Hence, no users can take the content away without our consent.

We also strongly recommend you read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on our website. This will help you know more about your rights when you spend your time on this website.

About our guaranteed content

When you come here to check on the information about iO games, we commit to giving correct content in relation to gameplay mechanics. Therefore, you can feel at ease exploring any games that you want.

Our content team aims to bring simple yet accurate information to all users. It is because we want to give you a great and comfortable experience when you are on our website.

When you read our content, you will find it easy to understand and appropriate for all users. We don’t use bad words to describe our content. Besides, we always listen to your feedback so we can create better content pieces.

About our team on Krunker-io.org

As the administrators of Krunker-io.org, we aim to give the best content as well as experience to users. The team includes content writers, programmers, and administrators.

Every member of the team plays an important role. We always support each other to help our work done fast to serve our community on the website. We dedicate to bringing this website to all users in the world and wish them a great time here.

As we develop the website, we still also need to hear your feedback on its performance of the website. Therefore, we recommend all of you let us know what you think about the games as well as your experience here.

To contact us, you can send your feedback to us via our email which is info@krunker-io.org. We would love to hear your thoughts and we will work on your thoughts to make our website function better.

If you want to find out more information, please feel free to click on the Contact Us page so you can reach us and get our support.

The About Us section of Krunker-io.org is proud to provide you with information about our website’s purpose, our team, and our work.

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